Bringing Light to the Night March Counter Strategies People are Trying for Dallas

In this article we take a look at a variety of decks that players may be bringing to Dallas in an attempt to counter Night March, which one the most recent Expanded Regional in San Jose. Decks talked about in this article include Trevenant BREAK, Seismitoad EX/Zoroark GX, Darkrai EX/Dragons, Primal Groudon EX, and Wailord EX.

2017 European International Championship Recap and Decklists

Recap of the 2017 European International Championship and Decklists used from the top finishers at the event.

Shining Legends Set Review

This year Pokemon players get an additional Expansion set with Shining Legends. The set includes new GX Pokemon, such as Zoroark GX and Raichu GX, and also has some new Shining Pokemon, such as Shining Mew and Shining Rayquaza. The 78 card set is available in pin collections, collection boxes, and an Elite Trainer Box.