State Championship Analysis – Tier Lists, the Variation of Seismitoad, and the Diversification of the Format

State Championships have concluded and the results are in, but what do they all mean? Check out this article to try to clear the fog that a very diverse format has cast upon us.

Regional Bias – Preparing For Regional Championships by Local Metas

When preparing for Regional Championships, it is important to examine the local meta game of the area you will be playing in closer. This article breaks down the results of each individual region where Regional Championships will take place this winter.

The Grass Isn’t Burning Yet – Genesect for Cities

Many players have begun to write the obituary for Virizion EX/Genesect EX, as the deck has performed poorer this format than it has in the past. While the deck can no longer be considered the top deck in the format, it is still a very good deck that has seen a lot of success in City Championships. Check out this article to see how Virgen can be built to compete in the current format.