Darkness Rises and More Darkness to Meet It – Turbo Darkrai for Dallas

In this article Andrew goes over his new Turbo Darkrai list built for the Dallas meta game. Then he goes over the matchups and different strategies you will want to use to put yourself in the best positions to win with the deck.

The Order of the Scale – 13th Place Wisconsin Regional Mini Report and Deck Analysis

A look at Andrew’s The Order of the Scale deck that he made Top 32 at the 2015 Wisconsin Spring Regional Championship along with a mini tournament report, as well as his mess of a day 2 deck.

High in the Sky – Reviewing the Trainers of Roaring Skies

The new Pokemon TCG Expansion Roaring Skies releases this week. This article is the first part of The Charizard Lounge’s review of the set. This first of our review articles takes a look at the new Delta traits, the Trainer cards, and the Special Energy cards from the new set.