Expanded Explorations #3: The Dirty Details of Shiftry Donk

The Pokemon TCG expansion Ancient Origins has arrived and along with it, Forest of Giant Plants, which means that Shiftry donk has officially been released upon the Pokemon card world. If you’ve crept into the Expanded portion of PTCGO it’s no mystery, Shiftry is the most popular deck in the Expanded format. In our first … Read more

Expanded Explorations #2: The Shiftry Experiment – How Broken is Broken Vine Space?

When a card pool gets too deep, powerful, unintended card combos can form that overrun a format. In the upcoming Expanded format, players have quickly looked to a Shiftry donk deck as one of these combos. In this article, I take a look at whether Shiftry actually works and lives up to its hype.