Ultra Prism Set Review

This is our set review of Ultra Prism, the fifth Pokemon TCG main set in the Sun and Moon block and the first for the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games. Key cards in the set include Magnezone, Dusk Mane Necrozma GX, Dawn Wings Necrozma GX, Garchomp, Empoleon, Cynthia, and Super Boost Energy.

Shining Legends Set Review

This year Pokemon players get an additional Expansion set with Shining Legends. The set includes new GX Pokemon, such as Zoroark GX and Raichu GX, and also has some new Shining Pokemon, such as Shining Mew and Shining Rayquaza. The 78 card set is available in pin collections, collection boxes, and an Elite Trainer Box.

Steam Siege Set Review

The first Pokemon expansion of the season is here with the release of Steam Siege. Unlike past August sets, this one will be legal for the World Championship later this month. Check out what’s good and what’s not in our Steam Siege set review.

Remix Time: The Pokemon of BREAKpoint

Part 2 of our BREAKpoint Set Review. This article looks at the Top 20 Pokemon in the set.

Manic in the Forest of Giant Plants – Reviewing the Trainers of Ancient Origins

The new Pokemon TCG Expansion Ancient Origins releases on August 12th. This article is the first part of The Charizard Lounge’s review of the set. This first half of the set review looks at the Trainers and Special Energy cards from the set.