Exploring the Wilderness – VikaBulu in Standard and Expanded

John Roberts breaks down his VikaBulu lists for both the Standard and Expanded formats. John has earned 382 Championship Points with the deck since the cards were released, most recently making Day 2 with the deck at the Expanded Regional in Daytona Beach in an Expanded Format in which no one else considered it competitively viable.

The Gravity of Sableye – How Week 3 of Winter Regionals Revolves Around Sableye

The latest Pokemon TCG set BREAKpoint will be legal for tournament play this weekend, meaning cards from the new set will be in decks at the Regional Championships played in Florida and Oregon this weekend. This of course also means that the Sableye, Puzzle of Time, Life Dew combo is now legal. Will Sableye be way too good? What can stop it?

An All Night Party for BREAKpoint- Reviewing the Trainers of BREAKpoint

The latest Pokemon TCG expansion, BREAKpoint, is set to release in a couple of weeks. The set builds on BREAKthrough by being the second set that will include the new BREAK stage of Pokemon evolution cards. Additionally, with Reverse Valley and Puzzle of Time, the new set also continues on with an additional card that … Read more