2017 European International Championship Recap and Decklists

Recap of the 2017 European International Championship and Decklists used from the top finishers at the event.

Primal Problems and the New Expanded Meta

The demise of Primal Groudon EX in the competitive meta, discussing a League Cup played with the deck. Then a look at the Expanded Meta Game for the Fort Wayne Regional Championship and some of the new decks players can expect to see at the tournament.

Pokemon Burning Shadows Set Review

This is our set review of Burning Shadows, the third Pokemon TCG set in the Sun and Moon block. It releases officially on August 4th in all retail stores, but released on July 31st in hobby stores. Key cards in the set are Gardevoir GX, Necrozma GX, Marshadow GX, Acerola, and Guzma.