Darkness Rises and More Darkness to Meet It – Turbo Darkrai for Dallas

In this article Andrew goes over his new Turbo Darkrai list built for the Dallas meta game. Then he goes over the matchups and different strategies you will want to use to put yourself in the best positions to win with the deck.

Yveltal EX with Darkrai GX and Lasers

With Archeops being banned from the Expanded format, Yveltal/Maxie’s has become a little worse. As a result, it may be time for players to re-consider how they’re building their Yveltal lists. This article goes over Yveltal EX with Burning Shadows, now including Darkrai GX and making a return to LaserBank.

Pokemon Burning Shadows Set Review

This is our set review of Burning Shadows, the third Pokemon TCG set in the Sun and Moon block. It releases officially on August 4th in all retail stores, but released on July 31st in hobby stores. Key cards in the set are Gardevoir GX, Necrozma GX, Marshadow GX, Acerola, and Guzma.