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The Charizard Lounge’s aim is to provide a quality website for players to go to for information on the Pokemon TCG meta game, deck archetypes, and game strategies. We believe that it is important for their to be a good source of information for players that doesn’t come with a price barrier so that all players can feel welcome in the Pokemon Community and not feel priced out of good ideas.

One source of revenue for the site is through online advertising. Unfortunately, the traffic a niche hobby website like this garners doesn’t make ad revenue great enough to fully support all costs beyond hosting and server fees.

Here are a couple of ways that you can support the website:

  1. The Charizard Lounge does the bulk of its testing using the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. This testing leads to the articles that you see on the site.
  2. The website has links to cards on When you purchase cards using these links, the Charizard Lounge gets a commission on your purchase. Amazon generally has good prizes on their cards, so you can the cards pretty cheap from their. You can purchase your cards at no more cost to you than it normally would be, while supporting the website at the same time. You don’t even have to buy the exact product linked, you can search around Amazon for better prices, or for something else that better suits your needs.

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