Pokemon TCG Table Judge Note Sheet

The following download is a note sheet that Pokemon TCG table judges can use to keep track of whether a player has used a Supporter card for their turn, attached an Energy, or used an Ability such as Water Shuriken or Dynamotor that can only be used once during a turn.

The table judge note sheet can be used to help judges better keep track of the action and avoid broken game states from developing during a top cut or streamed feature match.

The note sheet can be viewed, downloaded, and printed from the link below:




The following is an example of how a judge would use the note sheet.

Screenshot 2016-05-15 at 4.41.24 PM

*Helpful Tip: You can use the space in the Abilities section to write down attacks such as Quaking Punch or Shadow Stiching which would have an effect on a player’s next turn.