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Charizard Lounge Exclusive: Unmasking the Woman Behind the Nats Is Cancelled Prank

Well here we go! Get ready Pokemon fans, even though its more than a month since the release date scans from the most recent Pokemon expansion, Ancient Origins, have begun to leak onto the internet.

The card scans are originated from an Ebay seller in Minnesota who was selling packs in lots of 25 packs. Originally there were 10 lots listed on the users Ebay account, all of which sold. Those who bought the packs have begun to receive their shipments in the mail and have started breaking open the packs and thus from these great people we are beginning to receive scans of the new set.

Ancient Origins is our August set and will feature strong Pokemon like Hoopa EX, Lugia EX, Kyurem EX, M Ampharos EX, and M Tyranitar EX. Most exciting is the reprint of Lysandre’s Trump Card with new text to balance the card.

Below are all of the artifacts and card scans that we have received from the new set.





and Lysandre’s Trump Card


Got you Jon!

For scans check here:

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