I just wanted to show thanks to all of the people who have made this blog possible.  First and foremost, thanks to anyone who has chosen to read this blog, comment, and like it on Facebook.

I want to thank all of my friends in this game, especially my Missouri and fellow Yeti Gaming players who make this game worth playing.  Zeb Charlton, Edan Lewis, Andy Hahn, Colin Moll, Tyler Riley, John Roberts, Zach Zamora, Dema and Chad Boatman, and many more, you all help make this game so much fun and you are all great people.  Additionally, the entire HeyTrainer community has been a great group of people too!

All of the tournament organizers, judges, and league leaders in Missouri also deserve a round of applause.  You all do a great job to put together some of the best tournaments in the country and give us a great structure to play in.

Adam Capriola has played an integral role in giving me a start in writing about the Pokemon TCG, and I can say without a doubt that Six Prizes Underground was a crucial resource in my development as a player when I first was getting started out.

I would also like to thank all of the great artists that allow me to populate this site with beautiful scenery.  I’d like you all to get the credit you deserve, bringing art into the world is so important.  I would also like to thank all those in the Pokemon Community who help with the collection of information, tournament results, card scans, and all those who help build up this great game.

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