Announcing Challenge! and the Challenge! Championship

Announcing Challenge! and the Challenge! Championship

Today we are announcing a new video series for our YouTube Channel called Challenge! Challenge! is a gameplay series, detailed below, that will run in tandem with the Challenge! Championship, a tournament in which players will be able to win cash money. But before we get to the Challenge! Championship, first lets explain Challenge! itself.


Challenge! is a gameplay series for The Charizard Lounge’s YouTube Channel. In it, a challenger will take on Andrew in a Pokemon TCG battle Challenge!, and if they are able to win their Challenge!, then a great opportunity awaits them.

On Challenge!, we will be highlighting various types of Pokemon TCG gameplay, such as the following:

  • Standard Format
  • Expanded Format
  • Legacy Format
  • Classic Formats
  • Custom Formats
  • Mirror Matches
  • Deck Specific Matches
  • and more!

In these videos, we will aim to provide gameplay video content that exhibits high skill and entertainment. We will achieve this by bringing on top players, rising players, veterans, and other content creators.

The basic way that most Challenge! matches will work is that a 10 game series is played. Both players will bring five decks to the Challenge! There may be some restrictions placed on what these decks could be, for example there could be a limit on a player that they only can have a maximum of two Zoroark GX variants, one Malamar variant, one Buzzwole variant, etc., so that the Challenge! doesn’t just turn into 50 Shades of Zoroark. (Although there could be a future Challenge! with nothing but Zoroark GX decks).

To start the Challenge!, both players choose one of their five decks and play a pair of games, alternating who gets to choose who goes first (so if the loser chose who went first game 1, they don’t get to also choose who goes first in game 2). The players then work through all five of their decks, playing out five different matchups of two games each. After the 10 games, whoever has the most wins is the winner. If there is a tie, there will be one more tiebreaker game played in which who goes first is determined by the PTCGO coin flip and the players choose any of their five decks and play a single game to determine the winner.

If the challenger wins this battle, then they win their Challenge! Which leads us to…

The Challenge! Championship

The Challenge! Championship is an online Swiss tournament to be played sometime after the North American International Championship in a to be determined format. Here is the information on this tournament:


  • The Challenge! Pot
  • Challenge! Champion Trophy item

Two notes on these prizes:

The Challenge! Pot is the cash prize that will be available to the winner of the Challenge! Championship. Each time someone successfully wins their Challenge!, $25 is added into the prize pot. Each time someone fails to win their Challenge!, $0 is added to the prize pot. The goal of the series will be to have approximately one Challenge! episode per week, so there will be plenty of time for the prize pot to grow throughout the season.

The Challenge! Champion Trophy item isn’t necessarily going to be a trophy, and what it manifests into will be determined at a later date. The important point is that it will be some item that commemorates you becoming the Challenge! Champion.

How to Qualify for the Challenge! Championship

There are going to be three ways for players to gain entry into the Challenge! Championship, they are as follows:

1. Win your Challenge!

All players who win their Challenge! will gain entry into the Challenge! Championship.

2. Redeem yourself by grinding in from the Losers Pool.

If you lose your Challenge!, you will have a shot at redemption. All players who lose their Challenge! will be entered into a Losers Pool, and come tournament time they will play in a single elimination bracket in which one of them will be able to grind their way into the Challenge! Championship.

3. Grind your way in through the Challenge! Open

At approximately one challenger per a week, we’re only going to be able to have a a limited number of guests who can qualify through the normal route. We recognize that more players may want to get into the action, so prior to the main tournament, there will be a Challenge! Open that will be played in a single elimination format with one player being able to grind their way into the Challenge! Championship.

From there, the Challenge! Championship will be played out in a Swiss tournament, with a top cut. The tournament will be comprised of all of our Challenge! winners, the Loser Pool grinder, and the Challenge! Open grinder.

Embargo Information

If you appear on Challenge! you will be under an embargo. We ask that you don’t publicly share the result of the match until the video is published, and if you are a content creator, you are not allowed to stream the match, but you are allowed to record and post your own gameplay, but you must wait to post your video until we post our own video on our channel. We will be able to schedule with you a publish time to coordinate a simultaneous release, and can also work with you to get your gameplay video posted to the website. Failure to comply with this embargo will result in disqualification from the Challenge! Championship.

Want to be on Challenge!?

If you would like to be on Challenge!, tweet to us @CharizardLounge and we can get you down as being interested in appearing on the show so we can keep you in consideration when picking out guests to be on the show.

Twitter Link

If you have a specific Challenge! in mind, feel free to let us know what you have in mind, could be as simple as saying you want to play Expanded Format, or do a BCR-FLF Classic Deck challenge, etc.

For the first Challenge!, which we’re looking to record either this week or very early next week, we are looking to do a Standard Format Challenge! in the World Championship format.

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