Announcements: Charizard Lounge VIP Experience and Contest Cancellation


As we head towards the end of 2016, the time has come to start unveiling some new projects that are coming to fruition in the near future on The Charizard Lounge. In this post, I want to take the time to go over what’s to come on The Charizard Lounge as well as clean up some other stuff in regards to the site.

To start things off, The Charizard Lounge is going to be expanding beyond the content that is already available on the site. This new content can be referred to as The Charizard Lounge VIP Experience.  There are three key additions to the website that will be rolled out in the coming months. These will be detailed below.

The Charizard Lounge VIDME

One of the most asked for content additions for The Charizard Lounge has been video content. People have asked me for a couple years now to start doing video content, so beginning on December 5th, we will be launching a VIDME channel.

The Charizard Lounge VIDME Channel:

VIDME is a website that is like YouTube where content creators can create channele and upload videos to them. We will be going with VIDME over YouTube because of VIDME’s more sensible handling of copyright issues and long term we believe that VIDME is more likely to provide a better deal for content creators than the Google run YouTube website does.

The channel will have both content that is intended to enhance and build on Charizard Lounge articles, as well as standalone content on its own. In addition to the deck related content that the channel will launch with, the first Charizard Lounge VIDME Original Series will also launch with the channel.

The Charizard Lounge Thursday Nite Twitch

Next up on the docket is the launching of The Charizard Lounge’s Thursday Nite Twitch.

Beginning on January 12th, 2017, The Charizard Lounge will be streaming every Thursday Night from 8 p.m. CST to 11 p.m. CST.

On the website and on VIDME we will do a lot of talking about playing Pokemon cards, but then on Twitch every Thursday, we will be showing these ideas in action.

As Twitch is a live broadcasting platform with a powerful chat component, we will be able to interact with fans and give real time strategy advice before players head into their weekend League Challenges, League Cups, Regional Championships, and other Special Events.

The Charizard Lounge Twitch:


The third big content addition to the site isn’t quite ready to announce yet, but it’s coming, and this one is going to be very good.

Logo Contest Cancellation


Lastly, I am announcing the cancellation of The Charizard Lounge Logo Design Contest. For reasons that will be detailed below, I want to wash my hands of this contest and walk away from it. The participation prizes will be paid out on November 18th, 2016 to those who reached out about participating in the contest.

When the thought had come up to start looking for a logo, I was reminded of The Top Cut’s Playmat Design contest and remembered the great results that they were able to get through the contest. Seeing how effective they were in finding a good design for their website, I modeled a contest after their’s, adding a cash prize in addition to prizes of items with their logo design on it.

Unfortunately when I made initial social media postings in regards to the contest, a group of people felt that my social media post announcing the contest was the perfect opportunity for them to brigade their buzzword “No!Spec” which led to a derailment of the contest from the onset.

Some of the criticism towards the contest was valid. The prize compensation needed to be updated to include royalty payments. If someone were to create such a design that leads to long term growth of a brand, they absolutely do deserve to benefit from the parts of that brand they helped make great.

Based on this realization, I added an additional prize of royalties from merchandise sales using the winner’s logo. The updated prizes served to generate no interest for the contest, and because of that I have decided to pull the plug on the contest and pay out participation prizes for the few people that did show interest of participating. For such a campaign to be successful there needs to be positive social media buzz from the beginning, and this campaign was derailed quickly from the brigadiers and will end unsuccessfully.

Why was The Top Cut’s contest successful, while this one was met with such hostility? I don’t have a good answer to that question, but as Pooka always says, “That’s just the way the Pokepuff crumbles.”

As of the current moment, I have no additional plans for obtaining a logo for the website. As always, we will let the content represent the brand, as long as we can throw some text on a contrasting background, I think that’s all the design we need.

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