Cancelled: Contest: Design The Charizard Lounge Logo

This contest has been cancelled. Participating prizes will be paid out on November 18th, 2016. Check out details for why the contest was cancelled here.


For the past 4 years The Charizard Lounge has provided various types of coverage of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, but thus far it has done one without a face. With The Charizard Lounge quickly approaching it’s 4th birthday, it’s time it got a logo to give the site a brand identity.

Therefore, we are in need of a logo for the site and are holding a contest for the design of the website’s logo. Here are the details of the contest.


Winner (1):

-Royalties from merchandise using your logo.
-Free copies of the first two pieces of merchandise that are made with your logo.

Participants (2):

-Two participants chosen at random (from non-joke entries) whose logo design is not selected will receive $25.

Submit Entries to:

Entry Deadline: By the end of the day (PST) on November 15, 2016.

Design Guidelines:

  1. Do not use the Pokeball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Master Ball or any other type of balls in your design. Any submissions including these will automatically not be selected.
  2. If you choose to include the site name as part of your design, only use “Charizard Lounge” and not “The Charizard Lounge”.
  3. Using a vector image file type is preferable to allow for proper image scaling. Submitted image file should be of a very high resolution.
  4. Do not use any stock images in the creation of your logo.
  5. Make it either super cool or very cute, but cool probably has a better chance of winning.
  6. Thinking in terms of a sports team like logo is encouraged. Here are some examples of top notch sports logo designs: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3

Other Contest Information:

  • While the intention of the contest is certainly to have a winner, if no submitted designs meet the quality we’re looking for then the contest can end with no winner and/or the deadline for submissions will be extended to allow for more submissions.
  • By submitting an entry into the contest, you agree that upon receiving payment that you have sold to The Charizard Lounge and its owners all and full rights to the logo. This mean’s that upon completion of payment, The Charizard Lounge and its owners have complete control over the logo’s publication, distribution, and reproduction without any time limit, and you are not entitled to any royalties, except as noted, or other payments from the use of the logo in merchandising, media publications, or any other uses. The Charizard Lounge and its owners also receive the right to resell or change the logo as they see fit. The designer only retains the rights to show the logo in their portfolio for the sole purpose of promoting their services.
  • Entrants whose logo is not selected retain full rights to their design.

Royalty Information:

Prior to initial payment, the winner will be sent a contract to be signed detailing the transferred rights, payment amount, royalty rights, and schedule of royalty payments.

Quarters for royalty payments should be January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-November. Payment schedule should be the 20th of the month following completion of the quarter. (i.e. payment is 4/20 for the January-March quarter). A finalized payment schedule will be includes in the contract sent to the winner.

The royalty rates that the winner will receive for the use of their logo are as follows:

  • Physical merchandise* – 10% of sale price
  • *Exception: Physical Books – 1% of sale price
  • E-Books – 1% of sale price
  • Digital Goods and Services** – 0%

**The winner will receive no royalty payments for use of their logo in digital goods and services, except for E-books as listed above, and the sale of physical merchandise through online outlets. This means the winner is not entitled to receive any money from advertising, affiliate programs, sponsorships, sales of anything that does not have their logo on it, subscriptions, and any other digital services or goods sold through and its affiliates. This includes, but is not limited to services and goods sold through, Apple App Store, Apple iTunes Store, Google Play Store,, Amazon Kindle Store, YouTube,, and

The way the royalties are calculated are simple. The winner will receive the royalty % listed above multiplied for the price we sell the good for. For example, here is a potential royalty payment the winner could receive in the future for goods using their logo.

  • T-Shirt Sales (50 sold) – Sold for $20
  • T-Shirt Sales (100 sold) – Sold for sale price of $15
  • Playmat Sales (20 sold) – Sold for $20
  • Physical Book Sales (10 sold) – Sold for $15
  • E-Book Sales (200 sold) – Sold for $9.99

This would be calculated as follows:

  • $20 x 0.10 x 50 =  $100
  • $15 x 0.10 x 100 = $150
  • $20 x 0.10 x 20 = $40
  • $15 x 0.01 x 10 = $2
  • $9.99 x 0.01 x 200 = $19.98

This example quarterly period would pay to the winner $311.98 in royalty payments.

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