League Cup Result Submissions

On the following page you can report League Cup results. These results will go straight to my email making it easy for me to see them and get the League Cup result page updated with the most recent results.

Please post the results of the final standings after top cut. If you have the Top 8 prior to Top Cut being played that would be good info to submit as well, but the primary concern is the final standings.

Please post results in the following format:

City, State
Game Store

1. Player 1 – Deck
2. Player 2 – Deck
3. Player 3 – Deck
4. Player 4 – Deck
5. Player 5 – Deck
6. Player 6 – Deck
7. Player 7 – Deck
8. Player 8 – Deck

For example:

New York, New York City
HeyFonte Game Shop

1. Taylor Swift – Night March
2. Stephen Curry – Trevenant BREAK
3. Donald Trump – Gumshoos GX/Ludicolo PRC
4. Kevin Durant – Stephen Curry’s Trevenant BREAK list
5. Jyn Erso – Yveltal EX/Maxie’s
6. Shintaro Ito – M Audino EX/Magearna EX
7. Brett Stratton – Turbo Darkrai EX
8. Russell LaParre – Flygon BCR/Dusknoir BCR

When listing decks, you can be as descriptive as possible as per the examples, but at the very least list the main Pokemon to describe the archetype that was used. Please refrain from using nicknames for decks that you made up, only use such nicknames that are widely used to describe an archetype (for example: Night March).

Thanks to everyone who has helped fill in the data for this!