Ancient Origin Card Pictures

xy07-featured-cards-169-enAncient Origins pre-releases have started up and the set will be officially released in stores on August 12th. I don’t plan on having pictures for every set release, but there has been a void in coverage of English card scans being uploaded so I took the initiative to gather them together for Ancient Origins. Hopefully the usual providers of these card scans are able to come through for upcoming set releases.

Thanks to everyone in St. Louis who helped in gathering cards together so we can get pictures of it.

If you want to buy Ancient Origins, they are available for pre-order on right now:

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Ancient Origins Card Images

oddish gloom_ao vileplume_ao bellossom_ao spinarak_ao ariados_ao sceptile_ex m_sceptile_ex combee_ao vespiquen_ao vespiquen_ao2 virizion_ao flareon_ao entei_ao entei_ao2 larvesta_ao volcarona_ao volcarona_ao2 magikarp_ao gyarados_ao gyarados_ao2 vaporeon_ao relicanth_ao regice_ao kyurem_ex jolteon_ao ampharos_ex m_ampharos_ex rotom_ao unown_ao baltoy_ao baltoy_ao2 claydol_ao golett_ao golurk_ao hoopa_ex machamp_ex wooper_ao quagsire_ao regirock_ao golurk_ao2 tyranitar_ex m_tyranitar_ex sableye_ao inkay_ao malamar_ao beldum_ao metang_ao metagross_ao metagross_ao2 registeel_ao ralts_ao kirlia_ao gardevoir_ao cottonee_ao whimsicott_ao giratina_ex goomy_ao sligoo_ao goodra_ao meowth_ao persian_ao eevee_ao porygon_ao porygon2_ao porygonz_ao porygonz_ao2 lugia_ex ace_trainer_ao ampharos_spirit_link_ao eco_arm_ao energy_recycler_ao faded_town_ao forest_of_giant_plants_ao hex_maniac_ao lucky_helmet_ao lysandre_ao sceptile_spirit_link_ao tyranitar_spirit_link_ao dangerous_energy_ao flash_energy_aoimage m_sceptile_ex_fa kyurem_ex_fa ampharos_ex_fa m_ampharos_ex_fa hoopa_ex_fa machamp_ex_fa tyranitar_ex_fa m_tyranitar_ex_fa giratina_ex_fa lugia_ex_fa steven_fa primal_kyogre_ex_ao primal_groudon_ex_ao m_rayquaza_ex_ao energy_retrieval_ao trainers_mail_ao

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