Rainbow Transit: The Fairy Garden of Aromatisse


Hey everyone, still getting caught up on a back log of stuff that I’ve been meaning to write about. It’s been a very past two weeks with preparations for State Championships as well as travel involved to going to them, so I haven’t had as much time to write as I would have liked.

The deck I’m going to cover today is the Fairy Big Basics deck that uses Aromatisse to move around Energy, giving you the option to attack with a variety of big basic attackers. I played the deck at the League Challenge following the Missouri State Championship and was very impressed with the strength and versatility of the deck.

Deck Strategy

This deck is a rehash of the old Klinklang concept that John Roberts used to win the 2012 US National Championship. However, a lot has changed since then. When he won it, Dark Explorers was our newest set, meaning that we only had two sets of Big Basic EX Pokemon to work with in our Toolbox. We’ve since seen 6 additional sets, all bringing us new Big Basics to put in the deck, greatly increasing the deck’s versatility.

Instead of Klinklang moving around Metal Energy, we use Aromatisse to move around Fairy Energy. As Rainbow Energy counts as Fairy Energy when in play, and Prism Energy counts as Fairy Energy when attached to a Basic Pokemon, we use these two Special Energy cards to open up our attackers past Fairy Pokemon, allowing us to use Pokemon of all types.

As you can move Energy from your attackers to other Pokemon, the deck is able to use Max Potion to prolong the life of your attackers if they aren’t knocked out in one hit.

The core of the new deck revolves around two Plasma Pokemon, Thundurus EX and Genesect EX. Thundurus EX provides Energy Acceleration to the deck with its Raiden Knuckle attack and Genesect EX gives a convenient target for your Raiden Knuckles. (Note: You only can attach Energy with Raiden Knuckle to Plasma Pokemon). Genesect EX’s utility goes beyond that, its Red Signal Ability gives you a built in gust ability to really control what you’re putting damage on. As you can live off the same 3-4 colored Energy for most of the game, we’re open to make Plasma Energy attachments pretty freely to make use of Red Signal.

Additionally, since you play Genesect EX, you can also use its Ace Spec, G-Booster, to give the deck a universal OHKO option.

Deck List:

Here is the list I used for the League Challenge tournament. I will explain some of my tech choices below:

Pokemon – 16

2 Spritzee XY
2 Aromatisse XY
2 Thundurus EX
2 Genesect EX
2 Landorus EX
1 Virizion EX
1 Lugia EX
1 Yveltal EX
1 Entei EX
1 Sigilyph DRX
1 Cobalion NVI

Trainers – 32

4 Professor Juniper
4 N
3 Colress
2 Shauna
1 Shadow Triad

4 Ultra Ball
2 Max Potion
2 Tool Scrapper
1 Escape Rope
1 Super Rod

4 Muscle Band
1 G-Booster

3 Fairy Garden

Energy – 12

4 Rainbow
4 Prism
4 Plasma

I went with Fairy Garden for my retreat option over Darkrai EX, as bench space is at a premium in this deck, so there isn’t really room for Darkrai EX and it doesn’t add much as an attacker for the deck. For my fourth Switching mechanism card, I opted for Escape Rope, as it gave me an additional option for getting the turn one Raiden Knuckle off as well an option to get around my opponent’s Safeguard Pokemon.

I only played two Max Potion, as that is all I felt was needed. It gets the job done, and I think it’s the right compromise number for such a deck existing in a format with so many OHKO’s.

Landorus EX is great for snipe damage, and it is a good OHKO Pokemon, as Land’s Judgment can hit for 170 with Muscle Band. It also is your type counter to Darkrai EX and Thundurus EX.

Virizion EX is in here to shutoff status effects, as Rainbow and Prism will count as Grass Energy as well, allowing you to make use of its Verdant Wind Ability.

Yveltal EX is a great two Energy attacker, for dealing with small threats like Sableye for OHKO’s and you can load Energy on it to sweep the game.

Entei EX is in here to counter Virizion/Genesect. Cobalion to counter Kyurem. Sigilyph to counter other Sigilyph/Suicune, as well as giving you a solid option for OHKO’s on Deoxys EX and Mewtwo EX. Sigilyph is also just an annoyance for any EX heavy deck, and can make decks like Blastoise run low on Energy, giving you an out to win. I didn’t run it in this version, as I didn’t expect much Blastoise EX, but Palkia EX combos well with Sigilyph.

Lastly, as the deck already plays Plasma Energy, I decided Lugia EX was too good not to play in this. It gives you an option to end a game quickly against non-EX decks, as well as finish a game against EX decks with a three prize Plasma Gale.

Tournament Report

I believe we ended up with 29 Masters for this tournament, which made for a 5 round Swiss tournament.

Round 1 – Flareon

This was a relatively easy matchup. I got to go first, and sought out Landorus EX on turn one, and went into that early to take a lot of easy KO’s on the small Basics. From there, I moved to Genesect EX when it was relatively safe to use to take some prizes against Pokemon Landorus couldn’t OHKO from type weakness. I then ended the game with Lugia EX’s Plasma Gale for a 6-0 victory.

Round 2 – Blastoise

Wasn’t expecting to see this, ended up playing Aaron Tarbell, who made Top 8 of the State Championship. I expected most of the good Blastoise players to be busy in Top Cut still, but the League Challenge got off to a late start allowing him to sneak in and register. This was a matchup I didn’t want to face with this deck, as I hadn’t properly teched it for the matchup.

Things didn’t go well to start off the match. He got a turn 2 Black Ballista on my Thundurus EX, giving himself a big advantage. I then resort to hiding behind Sigilyph while I play Energy onto my field. He misses on both Pokemon Catcher flips, and I work on N’ing him and countering his Tropical Beach with Fairy Garden to slow him down.

He has a bit of trouble finding his Black Kyurem non-EX, and can’t just send up his only Blastoise to attack, otherwise he would have no means of Energy Acceleration. After I get some Energy on my field, I retreat to Virizion EX, attach a Muscle Band, and Red Signal his Blastoise for my first prize. After I do this, he immediately evolves into another Blastoise and Black Ballistas my Virizion EX for two more prizes.

From here, I have to go back into the waiting game with Sigilyph, and he has to wait out finding that Black Kyurem, so I need two turns of attachment to use Megalo Cannon with Genesect EX. His field is a bunch of Keldeo EX, Blastoise, the Black Kyurem, a Black Kyurem EX, and maybe a Squirtle. I’ve got him in a bit of a spot, where he needs Energy on both Black Kyurem and Black Kyurem EX, so it ends up with him with 4 Energy on his Black Kyurem, and three on his Black Kyurem EX when he uses Flash Freeze to knock out my Sigilyph.

I replace his Tropical Beach with Fairy Garden, attach a Rainbow, and N him to 1 card. If he can’t draw a Water Energy, I’m in a good spot to steal the game, as his Black Kyurem EX already had 50 damage on it from Raiden Knuckle. So my game plan is to Megalo Cannon the active Black Kyurem, and snipe the Black Kyurem EX, and then on my next turn attach a Muscle Band to my 2nd Genesect EX, Red Signal the Black Kyurem EX for the KO, and from there, the worst he can do to me is attack with Secret Sword for not quite enough damage on one of my EX’s, so I would have game in hand pretty much.

Unfortunately, he does top deck the Water Energy to Black Ballista my Genesect EX for game.

Round 3 – Darkrai/Yveltal EX

This game was fairly interesting. I got off to a strong start, and jumped ahead prize wise before he found his two Enhanced Hammers and started recycling those. I recognized that knocking out his two Sableye would be need to ensure victory, otherwise he could just run me out of Energy with those two Hammers. So I go to Yveltal EX to knock out the Sableye’s, and complete that, but on his last Junk Hunt, he got back the Enhanced Hammers and was able to get rid of all the colored Energy on my field.

I had one Prism Energy left in deck, and it was going to be hard to find it for a Raiden Knuckle. However, there is another option, which is to deck him out. He has a small deck, no N left, and his last Dark Energy is prized. He has Darkrai EX powered up to attack, and a Bouffalant with DCE. I get a Plasma Energy, and Red Signal his Bouffalant. He retreats and Night Spears my Yveltal EX. I use Max Potion to save it, and then top deck another Plasma Energy and Red Signal the Bouffalant Active. He is unable to retreat it, and on my next turn, I top deck the N, and use it, forcing him to draw 4 of the remaining 5 cards in his deck. He draws for turn, has no way to build up his deck again and loses from deck out.

Round 4 – Gourgeist/Chandelure EX

This is a deck that I knew to fear a little bit, as I have been messing around with it for awhile. And to make matters worse, on my initial search, I found that my Virizion EX was prized, not good for this matchup.

However, this were much worse for my opponent who opened without a Supporter and without an Energy to use any of his One Energy attacks. I was able to just use Megalo Cannon and then G-Booster to clear all of his Pokemon off his field. He just drew so unfortunately.

Round 5 – Plasma Lugia

My opponent didn’t really get a quick setup in this game, and when that happens, this variant of Plasma has a tough time winning. I did some major work early on with Landorus EX on his Thundurus EX, and when he did get the big Lugia firing, I had G-Booster in hand and was able to respond immediately and lock up the game with that. I think I used Lands Judgment for 170 for my final knockout after he used Tool Scrapper on my G-Booster.

In the end, I finished 4-1, which was good for 2nd place in the tournament, giving me my fourth finish for League Challenges this season (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th…hit for the cycle!)


I think this is a deck to keep in mind for the coming weeks as it can be built to deal with most other decks in the meta game. The only unwinnable matchup I see for this deck is a dedicated Sableye/Hammers deck, which is just too much for this deck to deal with. Anything else can be defeated with proper teching.

When going about building this deck for yourself, be cognitive of the techs that you are playing in the deck. I think Yveltal EX, Cobalion NVI, and Entei EX are cards I would consider flex spots for the deck. I think outside of the base, Landorus EX, Lugia EX, and Virizion EX have too much utility to be cut from the deck. Those three flex spots in the deck are probably what will make or break your tournament success with the deck.

There are some great options for those flex spots. Suicune is great for adding another Safeguard Pokemon and taking care of a Landorus EX heavy meta game. Kyogre EX with its Dual Splash attack can give the deck a better Garbodor matchup. Xerneas EX hits for a solid 140, which is good with the snipe damage from Landorus EX, and Palkia EX is of course good for strengthening your Blastoise/Emboar matchups.

Just play around with the flex spots with different cards that you think will help the deck succeed in your meta game until you have the right mix for your meta game!

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