Closing Out the Season and Moving Forward

Well, the 2012-2013 Pokemon season is now over for me and it’s time to discuss my closing thoughts on the season, and my plans for moving forward into the next one.

Headed into U.S. Nationals, I was at an awkward spot, I believe 167 championship points. This meant for me to get a the World’s invite, I would need to Top 8 the National Championship, or get into the Top 32, and then proceed to get a Top 4 finish in the Last Chance for Championship Points tournament.

I chose to play a rogue Sableye/Garbodor deck for nationals, you can read my report up at Six Prizes. I ended the tournament 6-3, and lost in the Top 128 to a Plasma deck 1-2. I won the first game, was quickly overpowered in the second game, and then prized two Sableye in the third game, which spelled doom for me. Overall, I am pretty happy with how I did with such a different deck.

I don’t think I ended up making the right choice for the tournament. Gothitelle was played by way more good players than I expected it would be, and that’s the one deck that this deck has an auto loss to. The matchups against Blastoise and Plasma are fairly strong, and the deck is pretty strong against the rest of the field, so if Gothitelle wasn’t popular, I think the deck could have been a major threat in top cut. Working out the bracket, I believe a Gothitelle would have knocked me out in the Top 16 if I had made it through more rounds of top cut.

For the LCFC tournament, I played Quad Entei with a 4-4 Blissey, and 1-1 Garbodor line. I didn’t want to grinch anyone out of points, so in the unlikely scenario that I won my game against someone needing points, I would have just scooped as I didn’t finish good enough in the main event to make the tournament meaningful to me. I ended up losing in the first round to a Plasma deck as I didn’t draw a supporter and a Kyurem ran through my field.

The biggest issue for my season was not doing well at the two Regional Championships I attended, and not being able to attend any of the three weekend of State Championships. I think if I got to play in States, I would have easily had the points necessary to make the Last Chance tournament meaningful for me. I could have done better during City Championships, but I didn’t have a bad run by any means.

Moving forward, as far as the site goes, I will be doing updates on all of the major decks headed into the World Championship. I will probably look at Plasma, Blastoise, and Gothitelle for sure, and might look at a few more decks if I have time.

My next tournament will probably be the Klacynzki Open at the end of August. Seems like a great way to bring in the new format.

Once we get some clarification on rotation, I will begin covering the next format. I really like Virizion/Genesect as a deck, and I think Team Plasma will continue to be a strong deck as well.

As far as new stuff with the site, in the coming months I will begin selling custom playmats, posters, and maybe some other stuff. The artwork on these is going to be amazing, and each set will have a low print run to ensure that it is something special and unique for the people who get them.

It’s been a fun season, and I can’t wait for the next one!

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