Battle Roads Report: Frost Spearing and Blizzard Burning To 2nd Place

As I mentioned in my last posting, I had a deck in store for Battle Roads that I thought was absolutely wicked and that I would absolutely do well with. The deck was a very simple one, Kyurem PLF/Deoxys EX, with the only attacker in the deck being Kyurem PLF. I think there are a lot of different good ways to play Plasma, and I wanted to play some Plasma decks this weekend to put my Deoxys EX to good use, but I haven’t yet invested in Thundurus EX, so I went forward with the Plasma Pokemon I had. Here’s the list that I ended up using:

Pokemon – 8

4 Kyurem PLF 4 Deoxys EX

Trainers – 39 

4 Professor Juniper
4 N
2 Colress
2 Bianca
1 Team Plasma Grunt
4 Team Plasma Ball
4 Colress Machine
3 Switch
2 Float Stone
3 Pokemon Catcher
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
2 Exp. Share
1 Super Rod
1 Dowsing Machine
2 Virbank City Gym

Energy – 13 

9 Water 4 Plasma

The concept of the deck is simple. Aim to start swinging with Kyurem on turn one with Frost Spear to start spreading damage, setup multiple Kyurem, and Blizzard Burn your opponent for a bunch of OHKO’s with Hypnotoxic Laser and the damage boost from Deoxys EX. Frost Spear gives you a solid donk attack, and it also can be used to setup future KO’s with the snipe damage for Blizzard Burn. Additionally, as early as turn one, but mostly on turn two, when paired with Hypnotoxic Laser and three Deoxys EX, the attack is basically the equivalent of a Night Spear, doing 90 + 30. Blizzard Burn is what really makes the deck go. Here’s the math: 120 base damage + 30 added on damage from Deoxys EX + 30 poison damage from Hypnotoxic Laser with Virbank City Gym in play equals 180 damage, enough to OHKO every EX in the format. Where the deck really shines through is that Kyurem is just a non-EX, so your opponent will be knocking these guys out and taking only one prize while you will be taking two prizes, so the card exchanges very favorably against EX heavy decks. Additionally, if your opponent chooses to target down the Deoxys EX, they’re leaving a bunch of Kyurem unchecked to OHKO their Pokemon. The only really interesting card choice I had in this deck were the two Exp. Share, which were used in combination with Colress Machine to get my Kyurems up and attacking faster than if I had to just manually attach to all of them. They were great in testing, but didn’t come up big for me in the tournament because of a prevalence of Tool Scrapper and some other issues. We had enough Masters for 5 rounds, and this particular tournament was at Manticore in O’Fallon, Mo.

Round 1 – Zekrom EX/Zekrom/Eelektrik with Lasers

My first round was against an Eelektrik deck, which was good for me. The early game spread from Kyurem is pretty devastating against Eelektrik decks. I was able to get a fairly easy 6-0 win against this deck, as I cleared his field of Eelektrik early, and then Blizzard Burn’ed two Zekrom EX’s for my six prizes, as he struggled to get much of anything going. The speed of my deck was just a little to overwhelming for a setup deck to stumble out of the gate against. Win 1-0

Round 2 – Darkrai EX/Sableye/Lasers

This is probably the deck variant I wanted to play the least, with Dark Claw and Lasers, he could score OHKO’s on my Kyurem, as well as setup KO’s with the snipe damage from Night Spear for KO’s. We both got out to very fast starts. I think I whiffed either a Switch or a Hypnotoxic Laser to knockout his Darkrai EX, which gave him a turn too attack, I may have just Frost Speared on this turn, and then used Blizzard Burn the next. He seemed to be hitting every beat, getting a lot of Dark Patches and Energy Switches to almost always have an attacker setup. He was able to Tool Scrapper both my Exp. Share, to shutoff my Energy conservation, so I was only able to use Frost Spear for a lot of the game. Eventually, the game came down to me hiding behind some Deoxys EX while I manually powered up one last Kyurem. My opponent misplayed in a few ways, one he quit targeting this Deoxys EX with 110 damage with Night Spear snipe damage, and then on his last turn, he catchered up a Deoxys EX and knocked it out instead of knocking out my last Kyurem, so I was able to catcher up a benched Darkrai with lots of damage and use Frost Spear for my final prize. Win 2-0

Round 3 – Hydreigon/Darkrai EX

I raced out to a big prize lead, getting ahead 5-0 on prizes I think, and denying him Energy on his field for quite a bit into the game, as well as knocking out a Sableye and two Deino I believe. He was able to fight back into the game after he got Hydreigon up by using a lot of Max Potions, as I failed to get a Hypnotoxic Laser for the OHKO on a Darkrai at a key point in the game. I ended up just having to Frost Spear a bunch of damage to his bench, getting 60 on his Hydreigon, and eventually, I was able to catcher up that Hydreigon, hit it with a Hypnotoxic Laser and then Frost Spear for my final prize. One of the other big plays in the game is I had my first Kyurem fully loaded with Energy, and two Exp. Shares on my benched Kyurem, both with a Plasma Energy attached from Colress Machine. He was able to catcher up a Deoxys EX and knockout my Kyurem from the bench, which meant Exp. Share didn’t activate, so those two Water Energy went to waste, and I wasn’t able to stream Blizzard Burn with those Kyurem. Win 3-0

Round 4 – Darkrai EX/Absol PLF/Hammers

This round I was playing against Jeff Chesire, who reads a lot of our Underground stuff to help his family play the game, so it was cool to see him doing so well in this tournament. He dead drew Supporter wise, and I got Kyurem up turn one, and was able to just stream a bunch of attacks while he had nothing for all six of my prizes in an uneventful game. Win 4-0

Round 5 – Excadrill DEX/Landorus EX

Apparently an Excadrill deck had been able to take advantage of the heavy Darkrai field to make it to the realm of the last two undefeateds in the tournament. What a great matchup for me, a bunch of water weak Pokemon that I can either OHKO with Frost Spear with just three Deoxys EX in play, or Blizzard Burn for two prizes. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a great start. I started a Deoxys EX, and got Bianca blocked at the beginning of the game. Around turn 5, I finally got a Kyurem out and started knocking out Excadrill and a Landorus from some prizes, and took a lead in the game. I frost Speared some Excadrill for my 4th and 5th prizes, and would just need a Pokemon Catcher to seal the game with a Blizzard Burn on his Landorus EX before he could take my Kyurem down by getting Energy onto his field. I knew an N was coming (it came at 2 prizes left), and I felt confident that I would hit the Catcher in some way or another as I had 2 left in the deck, plus my Dowsing Machine, and a lot of Supporters left to take me to those cards. Unfortunately I didn’t draw very useful cards (drew two Virbank City Gym for two of my draws), and he ended up being able to knock out my Kyurem and then Hammerhead his way to victory in a very close matchup. Loss 4-1


Overall I was really happy with how well the deck performed. It doesn’t really have any poor matchups, and it runs fairly consistently. I was disappointed that I couldn’t seal the first place victory with a silver platter matchup handed to me for the last round, but that loss kind of counter balances the loss my opponent misplayed themselves out of earlier in the tournament. The only thing I was really disappointed with was Exp. Share, my opponent always seemed to draw it on the turn they were going to knock out my Active Kyurem, and then the weird thing happened in the Hydreigon matchup where my Kyurem got sent to the bench and got knocked out there, so Exp. Share didn’t activate. With a 4-1 record, I was able to start the Spring Battle Roads season off with a 2nd place finish. I ended up pulling a Latios EX and Kyurem in my packs.

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  1. Hey Andrew, thanks for the shout-out!! I was really looking forward to our match and was expecting a long battle, but the supporter drought was my downfall. I look forward to a rematch for these two decks sometime, even if for fun to get my revenge!!!!

    BTW.. Congratulations on 2nd place!


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