City Championship Report: Double Feature With Blastoise/Keldeo

Heading into this weekend’s City Championships, I had no idea what the meta game was expected to be.  These tournaments, I figured, would be larger than the one’s we had in the past few weeks, which would lead to a more diverse meta game.  I decided that Blastoise would be the best possible play this weekend just because it is able to beat anything except Garbodor decks, which I expected no one to be playing.

If you want to get an idea of what my list looked like, check out my latest Underground Article for Sixprizes – A Dissertation on Deluge. Included in there is the basic framework that I have been playing Blastoise/Keldeo EX decks off of for the entirety of City Championships.

Day 1 – O’Fallon, Missouri City Championship – Manticore Gaming

For the first tournament of the weekend, in O’Fallon, Missouri, I decided to play two Mewtwo EX for the Blastoise mirror match, because you know, Mewtwo EX is great against Keldeo EX and all…and I did expect to see a lot of the mirror.

The tournament at O’Fallon was a little disappointing on turn out.  I really expected there to be a top 8 for both events this weekend, but a lot of people only ended up traveling to come into town for the tournament at Yeti Gaming.  For awhile, it looked like we wouldn’t even get a Top 4 cut, but we managed to get just above 16 people before registration closed.

Round 1 – Blastoise/Keldeo EX/Wailord

I am not really sure what was going on with this guy’s list.  He played Wailord in here, and I’m not really sure of the reason, I guess it’s tankability?  He had multiple Keldeo EX in his deck, as well as Mewtwo EX, so it’s not like he didn’t have the potential to just play a straight up Blastoise/Keldeo EX deck.  He also played Exp. Shares in the deck, to conserve the energy on his field.

Anyhow, my opponent manages to get a Blastoise out by turn 2, and a second Blastoise out by turn 3.  Meanwhile, I’m sitting there with a hand of Professor Juniper, two Blastoise, and my Super Rod, so all I can do is attach a Water Energy and pass.  Luckily I top deck the Ultra Ball and discard the two Blastoise for a Squirtle, and Super Rod the Blastoise’s back into the deck.  I think a turn later, I would finally get a Blastoise setup around turn 5.

Still not really sure what happened this game.  My opponent attached Exp. Shares to Mewtwo EX and Blastoise.  He got a turn 2 Blastoise out, but I was able to get the first attack in with a Secret Sword with my Keldeo EX.  At one point in the game, he tried to Rush In a Keldeo EX to the bench and put Mewtwo EX active, the Ability isn’t Rush Out after all!

I ended up winning this game 6-0 on prizes, ohko’ing a Wailord with my Mewtwo EX for my final prize.

Win 1-0

Round 2 – Blastoise/Keldeo EX

I got paired against Michael Copper, who was also playing Blastoise, and I knew his list was pretty good.

We both started the game with the turn 2 Blastoise in hand, and both took risks by not doing much of anything and just passing to get out our turn 2 Blastoise.  He went first, so he had an advantage in this exchange, and did get his turn 2 Blastoise out, and catchered up my Squirtle to go for the knock out.  He played a Professor Juniper, and whiffed on the Energy needed to use Secret Sword.

In exchange, I got out my Blastoise the next turn, along with a six Energy Keldeo EX, and catcher ko’d his Mewtwo EX.  I believe he then responded with his own six Energy Keldeo EX, which I knocked out with Mewtwo EX, which I decided to go all in with, with N and loaded a ton of Energy on it to sweep the game.  A lot of the time, I was waiting anxiously to see if he had the response Mewtwo EX, but he didn’t play Super Rod, and only one Mewtwo EX, so it never came and my Mewtwo never died.

Win 2-0

Round 3 – Landorus EX/Mewtwo EX/Bouffalant DRX/Sigilyph DRX

There isn’t really much to say about this game.  My opponent was playing a fighting deck, and there wasn’t much in the deck that can stand up to Blastoise, especially when I get a fast setup like I did in this game.  I just used Keldeo EX to deal with Landorus EX, Mewtwo EX, and Bouffalant’s.  I sealed the game by using Hydro Pump with Blastoise to knock out the Sigilyph.

Win 3-0

Round 4 – Rayquaza EX/Raikou EX/Keldeo EX/Eelektrik

In this game, I was playing against Mitchell Stromdorfer, who I always seem to have pretty close games with.  He was playing a deck that my deck doesn’t have the greatest matchup for.

We both end up getting pretty slow starts, like Blastoise didn’t hit the field until like turn 7, and he didn’t really get much up in terms of Eels early either.  If I had got a semi-fast Blastoise, I would have been able to roll over him easily with his slow start, but I just couldn’t hit the combo of cards to pull it off.  I did have the combo in hand a few times, but it got N’d away on his turn.

We trade some ohko’s between Keldeo EX and Rayquaza EX, I knock out an Eelektrik and his Rayquaza DRX at all.  The game comes down to Raikou EX versus Mewtwo EX, which isn’t the greatest matchup ever for Mewtwo EX.  I wish I could have devoted my energy to my third Keldeo EX, but I didn’t draw into it before having to play a Juniper, so I had to devote the Energy to Mewtwo EX.  I X-Ball him for 80.  I know I can win this game, I just need to Professor Juniper for my Super Rod to get Energy back in my deck so I can get a fifth Energy on Mewtwo EX to do 100 damage to finish off the Raikou EX.  I play N on him, hoping to limit his resources.

He manages to hit probably his last Pokemon Catcher off the N, and catchers up my Keldeo EX without Energy.  I need just one Energy to retreat Keldeo EX, and a second Energy for the added damage on X-ball or alternatively three to use Secret Sword for the knockout.  All my Energy and Energy Retrieval are accounted for in the discard.  He will only be able to use a Thunder Fang attack on his next turn, as he will have to use a Dynamotor on Keldeo EX to retreat it.  I use Professor Juniper to get my Super Rod, and then I can win the game on the next turn.  No Super Rod, it’s in my prizes, and instead I deck myself out.

Loss 3-1

Round 5 – Blastoise/Keldeo EX

This last round I am playing a Blastoise mirror match against Zak Krekeler, who was probably the best overall player in St. Louis for the entirety of last season.  His list is a little different than what most players in the area are playing, and it includes Cilan, Super Scoop Up, and at least three Mewtwo EX and Double Colorless Energy.

He got to go first, and he got a turn 2 everything, and just proceeded to curb stomp my deck which not only went second, but did not have a setup to keep pace with his.  He had three Energy on two separate Keldeo EX, and was able to hit a SSU flip to consolidate the Energy and ohko my Keldeo EX.  I attempt to go all in with Mewtwo EX after he has taken two knockouts, and N him to two cards, and then knock out his Keldeo EX.  He promoted Mewtwo EX, and has a Computer Search in hand to grab the second Energy he needed to X-ball for the knockout.

Loss 3-2

One of the 3-2’s actually ended up making top cut this day because of weird stuff with drops and pair downs that make crazy things happen.  That one was not me, I ended up in 6th place.

Day 2 – Crestwood, Missouri – Yeti Gaming

The second tournament of the weekend was at Yeti Gaming, the premier gaming store in St. Louis.  The Battle Roads here had like 50-60 players, so a similar turnout would be expected.  We did not quite have that many, with many anxious moments being waited out to see if we would get enough players for a Top 8 cut, but in the waning moments we did get enough players to register, giving us a total of 35 and enough for the Top 8 cut.

I decided to stick with Blastoise/Keldeo EX again.  On Saturday night, me and my friend J.W. tested Blastoise into the ground, and worked out some good new progresses for building the deck.

The main thing that was discovered is that Mewtwo EX is absolutely not needed in the deck.  There really isn’t much of a purpose for the card in the deck, with most players playing it just to counter their opponent’s Mewtwo EX’s, as people expect their opponent’s to play Mewtwo EX in the matchup, because it can be a good Keldeo EX counter.

The thing about Mewtwo EX being a Keldeo EX counter though, is that the card is only as good of a counter as you let it be.  You can control the effectiveness of Mewtwo EX being a Keldeo EX counter by limiting the number of Energy you put on Keldeo EX.  If you have a Keldeo EX with no energy on it, Mewtwo EX does an unimpressive 40-60.  Alternatively, you can promote something like a Blastoise up to absorb an X-ball as you Tropical Beach to gain resources to build a six Energy Keldeo EX to ohko that Mewtwo EX.

I think it’s okay as a quick response to your opponent’s six Energy Keldeo EX in the mirror match, but outside of that there aren’t many scenarios where using Mewtwo EX is better than Keldeo EX.  With this in mind, I decided to play no Mewtwo EX in the deck for the event.

Round 1 – Hydreigon/Darkrai EX

I was playing against the same Hydreigon/Darkrai player that I had played against at the first City Championship of the year.  I got to go first, and got a turn 2 Blastoise setup, but whiffed on the Energy to catcher ko his lone benched Deino.  I would get to take it out the next turn.  He did get out a Hydreigon with another Deino, but I was able to knock that out with a five Energy Keldeo EX as well.

From there, he shifted his game plan to setting up a Darkrai EX on his bench, and wall behind Sigilyph DRX, as well as Junk Hunt.  I took prizes three and four with my Blastoise using Hydropump on a Sableye DEX and his Sigilyph.  I then retreated Blastoise, used Super Rod to put Energy back in my deck, and used Professor Juniper to draw through my deck and get 11 Energy on my Keldeo EX for the last knock out on his eviolited Darkrai.

Win 1-0

Round 2 – Blastoise/Keldeo EX

I was playing against Michael Copper, and once again, this game was weird.  I used Professor Juniper early on out of necessity, discarding a Blastoise and my only Super Rod.  I get the Rare Candy and Ultra Ball in hand, search my deck for a Blastoise and realize my other three Blastoise are prized, so I’m forced to just finish manually powering up my Keldeo EX, and take a 2hko on one of his Keldeo EX for two prizes.

I get a Blastoise off my two prizes, and am able to immediately evolve it, lay a ton of Energy on a Keldeo EX, and take a bunch of ohko’s with a giant Keldeo for the win.

Win 2-0

Round 3 – Ho-Oh EX

Good guy Brit Pybas tells me before the round that he’s going to scoop to me.  Brit has had a tremendous cities run so far, with three 1st place finishes and a Top 4 finish, so he would have needed to make the finals to get more points, so he was more focused on helping his friends get some points than trying to get some more himself.

We played out the game anyhow, and Brit beat me pretty handedly.  I was able to manually power up a Keldeo BCR 47 to knockout his Landorus EX, but I had difficulties getting a Blastoise setup, so Brit was able to slaughter three Squirtle with X-Ball.  I eventually did get a Blastoise out, but to no avail, as Brit’s Bouffalant was able to finish off my Keldeo EX after it had been Hammerheaded twice by Landorus EX.

Win 3-0

Thanks Brit! Sometimes you need that little bit of a boost.

 Round 4 – Darkrai/Roserade/Terrakion

In the fourth round, I am playing against Michael Hopkins, another St. Louis player.  He is playing a Darkrai EX/Terrakion/Roserade deck, which I don’t think should be too difficult of a matchup for me, as I just need to setup some giant Keldeo EX’s to ohko Darkrai EX.

I don’t remember a ton about this game, but I am pretty sure I drew pretty well to get a turn 2 Blastoise going first, and was able to build up two giant Keldeo EX through the course of the game that were able to get me the win by knocking out two EX’s and two non-EX’s (Roserade and Terrakion I think.)

There was some potential for my opponent to counter my giant Keldeo EX with a Mewtwo EX, but he whiffed the Energy Switches or whatever was needed to do this.  I don’t think there is much Darkrai decks can do against Blastoise if the Blastoise player gets setup faster than them.

Win 4-0

Round 5 – Excadrill/Terrakion NVI/Mewtwo EX/Bouffalant DRX

In round 5, I am playing against my friend Zach Zamora, as we are the only undefeated left in the tournament.  After taking a look around the room and seeing a lot of Darkrai, he decided to play his Excadrill deck which is quite good and nearly impossible to beat depending on what type of deck you’re playing (Darkrai and Eelektrik decks have a lot of difficulty beating it).

Luckily, I was playing Blastoise today, and this is a fairly strong matchup for Blastoise as I can easily ohko all of his attackers with Keldeo EX, and Keldeo 47.

I manage to start Keldeo 47, which is my best possible starter in this matchup, as it prevents my opponent from doing a turn 2 120 with Bouffalant to my Keldeo EX.  I think I went first this game, and I got the turn 2 Blastoise, and was able to power up attackers to deal with his attackers with ease.  I was able to spread 70 damage around quite a bit with Keldeo 47’s Hydropump attack, and eventually got Keldeo EX’s setup to deal with his Bouffalant’s and Mewtwo EX.  To make matters worse for him, he could never draw into a Double Colorless Energy throughout the game, which made Mewtwo EX and Bouffalant very non-threatening to me.

Win 5-0

Round 6 – Darkrai EX/Shaymin EX/Terrakion/Ho-Oh

In the last round, I get down paired down as I was the only undefeated.  I am paired against Sam Liggett, a really good and nice player from Tennessee.  I really wanted to see him make cut, so I was hoping he could find some way to beat me, since I really didn’t need another win for the day.

I go first and start Keldeo BCR 47.  I just work on manually attaching to it, and work on getting Squirtle, Blastoise, and Keldeo EX into the discard pile with Professor Juniper and Ultra Ball to give me practice for when that new Flareon comes out.  I use Slicing Blade on his Sableye DEX for two consecutive turns, but then out of nowhere he plays a Mewtwo EX onto his bench, attaches a DCE retreats to Mewtwo EX and uses an Energy Switch to X-ball for the win.

Loss 5-1

Top 8 – Darkrai EX/Landorus EX/Terrakion NVI

In the top 8, I was playing against Jac Carter, another Yeti that had made top cut.  The store had pretty good representation from its players making top cut at the event, with myself, Jac, John Roberts, Zak Krekeler, and Zach Zamora all making top cut out of players that play at Yeti regularly.

I was a little disappointed in my top 8 match to say the least.  The shuffling of my deck put me at a very uphill battle to win the match, which you never like to see.

Game 1, I started a Keldeo EX, and had a hand of three Bianca, and no cards that I could play down.  My Keldeo EX just took two Night Spear to the face and the game was quickly over within minutes.

Game 2, I was able to get a turn 2 Blastoise setup and load up a ton of Energy on Keldeo EX to go for the ohko’s on his Darkrai EX, and win the game fairly easily with my fast setup and loaded up Keldeo EX.

Game 3, I get off to a decent start, but he also gets off to a fast start.  I can’t quite get enough Energy on my Keldeo EX for the ohko, so I am left with the decision of how much Energy to lay down on this Keldeo EX, knowing I wouldn’t be able to get the ohko. I decide to play down all of the Energy in hand, to hit his Darkrai EX for 130 damage (against his eviolited Darkrai EX), as Gold Potion would put it back down to 40, and then if I could get one more Energy, I could get the 2hko on it.  I wasn’t able to get the extra Energy, or anything really, as my deck just kind of stalled out to end the game, and my energyless Keldeo EX’s were Night Speared to death.  I flipped over my prizes cards, and saw three of my Skyla and two Professor Juniper.  Over 1/3 of my Supporters were prized, no wonder my deck stalled out in the middle of the game.


Great ruiner of status lock decks.

So that was my tournament, a fairly good showing throughout the Swiss portions of the tournament, and then my deck crapped out on me hardcore during Top Cut.

I really like where I have gotten by Blastoise list too, now the only thing left that I want to add back into the deck are some healing options.  Max Potion or Super Scoop Up, hmm, this will be a difficult decision for sure, and what to cut to make room for them?

I was able to add 20 more Championship Points to my total, going up to 120 on the season, and 100 points just from City Championships.  I have two more City Championships left, and am probably going to play a more fun deck for the last one, so I hope during the next one I will be able to get a Top 2 finish at the least and add 20-30 points to my total (I am already at my best finish limit, so it’s all about improving the finishes at this point)


2 thoughts on “City Championship Report: Double Feature With Blastoise/Keldeo”

  1. Grats on the Top 8 finish! And lol I’ve never wished for UG access as much lately as when I saw your article. 😛

    Did you end up missing Mewtwo at all in that second tournament?

    • Thanks. I didn’t really miss Mewtwo very much. The few situations in which Mewtwo EX are actually needed in the deck are very few, and you can see them developing from afar.

      This will change a bit next format with Scramble Switch, where some surprise plays could be made, but Black Kyurem EX will fix a lot of these problems.


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